5 Steps to Compost Pet Waste & Turn into Garden Gold

There are nearly 90 million pet dogs in the United States and 94 million pet cats, according to the American Pet Products Association. With that many pets, tons of pet waste – much of it in plastic bags – ends up in the garbage each year. But with a little bit of space, pet owners... Read more

Safety Tips for Camping with Cats and Dogs

'Tis the season for camping, and this year it is especially popular since it is a vacation where social distancing can easily be followed. Camping is always a fun, and relaxing adventure especially when you include the family pet. To keep that feeling going throughout the trip, it’s important to do some pre-planning and a... Read more

Compost These 7 Pet Items for a Healthier Garden

Gardeners usually try to keep their beloved pets out of their planter boxes, but there are some things from our pets that can actually benefit growing plants and trees.If you compost, you've probably considered all the things you can toss in your compost pile, from carrot tops to coffee grounds, but have you thought of... Read more

Keeping Your Lawn Safe For Pets

One of the reasons I created the My Petcare Community was to encourage pet owners to make better and safer choices with their petcare practices. This not only includes a pet's primary needs like food, water and exercise, but it includes the environment in which they live. A pet owner reached out to me today... Read more