If your pet could live longer using sustainable pet care practices would you want to learn more?

And, if research suggested that pets can improve the quality of your life and help you live longer, would you want access to resources to help you accomplish this?

If you answered yes, continue reading…

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"I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of pets and their people and hope you will join me on this journey..."

My journey...

From a young age, my journey to help animals started with rescuing stray creatures on the side of the road to working for two veterinarians in high school, and finally interning at the University of NH research facility in college.

I graduated from UNH with a bachelor’s of science degree in wildlife management, and eventually became a certified permaculturist and then went on to study social permaculture as an adult.

My quest to save the planet began in the early 90s when I tried to encourage my landlord’s daughter to switch from plastic to eco-friendly cloth diapers. That was a hard sell! LOL. Now, almost 30 years later, I run a dog walking and pet sitting company built on the ethics of permaculture – care of the earth, care of people and fair share.

Help us shape the future

I firmly believe that in order to protect the planet, you need to care for people as well as educate and lead them to do the same. Hence the reason the My Petcare Community was created.

As a member, you have a rare opportunity to help build and shape the foundation and future of this online community. 

Your ideas, feedback, and thoughts will make this a community that will benefit pet owners and guide them on a journey to becoming sustainable pet care champions.

Imagine what we can accomplish together as a collective mind in the My Petcare Community…imagine the changes we can make in the industry, and most importantly in the lives of pets and people.

Join me on this journey…

Become a member of a community and movement that promises to make a difference.

Thank you!

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